Campout Last Call

The is a Family Campout is 5/16–5/18 at Silver Mines Recreation Area (map).

Everyone is welcome.

We do need a solid headcount. If you’ve missed the emails, please email us by Tuesday (5/13) evening even if it is a “no” so that we can be sure we don’t have stragglers. We will send the info packet to you if it is a “yes.”

The packing list can be found here.

I strongly recommend that all scouts, but particularly TW and PF, be responsible for packing their own gear (with necessary help/supervision). Adults are not allowed in youth tents (TW & PF camp in youth tents, OTs can camp in a OT tent or with their parents), so it is important for the scouts to know what is in their bags and where it is. The weekend forecast is fairly cool (highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s) so please plan accordingly:

  • Pack an extra sweatshirt, fleece, or jacket.
  • A sleeping pad (or yoga mat) will help insulate you from the cool ground.
  • If your sleeping bag is not rated for below 50, bring an extra blanket.
  • If you are camping both nights, bring 2 sets of PJs so that you are not putting on damp PJs the 2nd night.
  • Even though there is only a slight chance of rain (10-20%), make sure to pack a rain jacket or poncho. It is much more difficult to handle the cool temps if you get wet.

Of course, this is Missouri and it could very well change significantly by the weekend. You can pay via PayPal ( now or check or cash at the May 12th meeting.


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