Dues, Neckers, & Uniforms

A summary of our dues and uniform costs:

1) Annual dues to the 66th Confluence – $30

2) Annual dues to the BPSA National Organization – $20

3) One-time uniform cost for Otters & Timberwolves – $27.00, Pathfinders – $63.49 (includes shirt, necker, and hat)


Our annual dues pay for all the badges we purchase and any supplies for our monthly meetings and activities. While most of our monthly activities, outings, and service events will be FREE, there may be additional costs for our campouts and some activities. The annual dues to BPSA are a requirement for the organization (to cover national organizational costs related to the BPSA program). You can give cash or a check for the 66th Confluence registration to a section leader (make checks payable to 66th Confluence BPSA) at our monthly Group Meeting. The BPSA registration needs to be done online by parents (see website below). If you could please forward your receipt email to your section leader:

  • Otters:
    • Mark (mark@saxquest.com) or
    • Elke (elke@saxquest.com)
  • Timberwolves:
    • Kathleen (kathleen.carson@gmail.com)
  • Pathfinders:
    • Jessica (jessicasaigh@swbell.net)
  • Rovers:
    • Jeff (kopper65@gmail.com)


The Timberwolf and Otter uniform hat ($4) and shirt ($5) can be ordered from the BPSA’s Quartermaster Store. Kathleen Carson also has a several hats and shirts for both Otters and Timberwolves left over from last year ($5 each but no shipping). Email Kathleen directly if you would like to purchase one of those.

The Pathfinder hat is a green beret ($12.49) and the uniform shirt is a very nice, gray, all-cotton button-down shirt by Tag Safari that we are getting at a discount for $34 (long sleeve) or $32 (short sleeve). Shirts available here. NOTE: Shirt sizes run large!

Rovers (adult scouts and leaders) can choose either the beret (same as for Pathfinders) for $12.49 or a wool felt campaign hat ($51.49) for their headwear. The Rover shirt ($34/$32), like the Pathfinder shirt, is made by Tag Safari and available from BPSA’s Quartermaster Store (shirt sizes run large). The difference is that Rovers wear a green one instead of gray. The Rover uniform is also the uniform that is required to be worn by all section leaders at any group meeting or event.

Neckers must be ordered by the dozen so the 66th Confluence has recently placed a new order for those. We hope to have them onhand at the next outing and meeting. They are $17.50 each and the same necker is worn by all sections. Please pay your section leader for these.

We understand that this is a significant cost for our Scouts, so we want you to know that the uniform is not something that we require you to purchase immediately. However, we would like to see our Scouts in uniform as soon as they are able. The necker is the most important part of our uniform and is our “identity” when we are doing outings. The bright colors and stripes make our kids easy to spot in a crowd or in the forest, and most importantly, they identify us as Scouts. If you would like to just start with the necker sometime this fall and add pieces as we go, that would be fine.

Website for online BPSA registration: http://bpsa-us.org/program/join/

Website for ordering uniform: http://baden-powell-service-assoc-quartermasters.myshopify.com/


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