Note: This list of FAQ relates directly to our own group. For more general questions about BPSA or the aims & methods of the program in general, please refer to this FAQ page for answers.

Q: What exactly do you mean by “Traditional” Scouting?

A: The term “Traditional Scouting” refers to a “back to basics” movement that rejects the worldwide trend to “modernize” Scouting in order to appeal to imagined wider slices of fleeting popular and commercial youth cultures, and returns Scouting to a scheme intentionally based on Baden-Powell’s own model of Scouting. For further reading on the subject, please download our Introduction to Traditional Scouting PDF.

Q: Who can join the 66th Confluence BPSA Group?

A: Anyone ages 5 and up living in the St. Louis area is welcome to join the 66th Confluence. The BPSA is an inclusive organization, welcoming all regardless of race, religion (or no religion), sexual orientation, or other differentiating factors. It is also co-ed, giving both girls and boys the opportunity to engage in a traditional scouting program.

Q: How do I join the 66th Confluence BPSA Group?

A: Simply click here and follow the directions. Please contact us at 66thconfluence@gmail.com for more information.

Q: How much does it cost to join the 66th Confluence BPSA Group?

A: BPSA-US and the 66th Confluence are all-volunteer organizations so all fees and dues go directly to program costs and activities. A breakdown of costs is below (subject to revision as costs may change):

  1. Annual dues to the 66th Confluence – $30
  2. Annual dues to the BPSA-US – $20

Our annual dues pay for all the badges we purchase and any supplies and materials for our monthly meetings. While most of our monthly activities, outings, and service projects will be free, there may be additional costs for our campouts (~$25) and some activities. The annual dues to BPSA-US are a requirement for the organization.


BPSA adopted 1938 PO&R guidelines for the uniforms of each section. BPSA does not have a sole supplier for uniforms. However, the  BPSA-US Quartermaster carries shirts and hats that match the uniforming standards.

  • Otter and Timberwolf hats – $6
  • Otter and Timberwolf shirts – $7
  • Pathfinder and Rover long-sleeved shirts – $35
  • Pathfinder and Rover short-sleeved shirts – $35
  • Pathfinder beret – $15
  • Pathfinder and Rover bush hat – $28
  • Pathfinder and Rover campaign hat – $60
  • Our female section leaders and Rover scouts may also wear berets. Berets may be ordered by special order only. Email qm@bpsa-us.org for more details.


Our group neckers (above) mimic the colors of the St. Louis City Flag and can be purchased from 66th Confluence (contact your section leader). They are $20.50 each and the same necker is worn by all sections at all meetings and on all outings.

We understand that the uniform is a significant cost for our scouts, so we want you to know that the uniform is not something that we require you to purchase immediately. The necker is the most important part of our uniform and is our “identity” when we are on outings. The bright colors and stripes make our kids easy to spot in a crowd or in the forest. It is fine to start with the necker and add pieces as we go. However, once your scout starts earning badges, it really is quite necessary to have the shirt and hat to display his or her badges.

Personal Gear:

  • Sturdy shoes/hiking boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Plastic tarp or foam pad for under sleeping bag
  • Mess kit (plastic or metal fork, spoon, knife, plate, cup, bowl, in a kit or mesh bag—they don’t have to be a “kit” that matches or is purchased for outdoor use—they can be leftover kids plates, etc, from your cabinet)
  • Flashlight

Most large equipment will, over time, be amassed by the group itself (tents, cooking gear, etc). Other items are likely to be found in every household (pillow, clothing for seasonal weather, etc). Leaders of each section may decide to ask parents to provide snacks on a rotation basis.

Dues and membership fees should not be a barrier to any scout joining or participating in the 66th Confluence. Please contact the Group Scoutmaster if BSPA-US or 66th Confluence dues and membership fees are a challenge for your family.

Q: Where does the group meet?

A: Each of our program sections (Otter Raft, Timberwolf Pack, and Pathfinder Troop) meet separately on different days and times. Please contact the individual section leaders to get specifics on when/where that particular group meets, as these dates and locations often change. You can also view our Group Calendar for upcoming meeting and event dates.

Q: What kind of activities will I/my child do in the 66th Confluence?

A: The activities depend on the section. However, all sections are focused on traditional, outdoor scouting activities and skills, and will include hiking, camping, adventuring, knot tying, and survival skills appropriate for the age and skill level of the scouts, as well as community service and environmental stewardship projects in the greater St. Louis area.

Send us your questions at 66thConfluence [at] gmail [dot] com.