Volunteers Needed to Fill Group Auxiliary Positions

66th Confluence BPSA is currently looking for three or four adults to volunteer for our Group Auxiliary that meets for about an hour once a month during the scouting year.

The function of the auxiliary is to support the scouting program by managing many of the business, fundraising, and logistics functions needed to support a successful group. Without an auxiliary, our volunteer scout leaders have to do these things AND deliver the scouting program through meetings, outings, etc. Auxiliary Committees are typically made up of parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, or other community members who want to support the group but are not inclined, or don’t have the time, to uniform up and be a Rover Scout/section leader. Sometimes Auxiliary members will be uniformed Rovers who choose to contribute business or organizational talents rather than become scout leaders. Our Group Scoutmaster appoints the Auxiliary Chair and other positions and works closely with them to coordinate activities and program needs. Although it’s impossible to appoint people for these roles if we have no volunteers for them.

That’s where YOU come in.

Click here to read full descriptions of responsibilities for each role and please consider filling a seat on the Auxiliary. We really could use your assistance.

Thank you,
Jeff Kopp
Group Auxiliary Chair
66th Confluence BPSA

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Second Sunday Scouting Begins This Weekend!

Timberwolf Meeting at Second Sunday Scouting

This weekend we will be holding our first Second Sunday Scouting meeting of the year. Otters & Timberwolves will be meeting on Sunday (2-5pm) at Route 66 State Park, while Pathfinders will be having their meeting at their campout at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park. Help us get off to a great start by making sure your scouts (as well as yourself if you’ll be volunteering with us) are registered prior to the meeting. Here are the direct links to each section’s online registration form:

Otters (ages 5-7):

Timberwolves (ages 8-10):

Pathfinders (ages 11-17):

Rovers (ages 18+) (Section leaders as well as non-Rover parent volunteers and group auxiliary):

We will also need Youth Emergency Information, Medical Release and Liability Waivers completed and signed for *each* scout registering with us this year for section leaders to keep in their files. We will have paper forms to fill out this weekend, or you can download, print, and complete the form in advance and bring it with you to this weekend’s meeting. Here is the link to that file:

More information about the above meetings is available on TroopTrack.

Thanks, everyone, and SCOUT ON!

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2018-19 Registration Forms Are Now Live!

Group Registration Forms:

Register an Otter Scout (ages 5–7 or grades K–2)
Register a Timberwolf Scout (ages 8–10 or grades 3–5)
Register a Pathfinder Scout (ages 11–17 or grades 6–12)
Register an adult Rover Scout/Section Leader/Parent Volunteer (ages 18+)

We hold monthly all-section meetings on the second Sunday of the month at a rotating schedule of outdoor locations. We’re calling this “Second Sunday Scouting!” We feel that this will make it a lot easier for parents with children in multiple sections and we will also be able to combine meetings with outdoor activities such as hikes, service projects, and even campouts. Check our calendar for exact dates and locations.


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Rover Scout Leader Needed!

66th Confluence BPSA has an immediate opening for a Rover Scout Leader (RSL) to lead our Rover Crew! All of our group’s current Rovers are currently already involved with section leadership in one of our youth sections or with the Auxiliary Committee. What we are looking for is an adult with an interest in Traditional Scouting and leading our other Rovers on outdoor adventures and service opportunities. This person does not have to be currently involved with our scout group as a parent, guardian or any other relative.

Responsibilities of an RSL include:

  1. Plan, organize, and schedule monthly Rover Crew meetings.
  2. Assist Rovers with finding a Rover mentor to assist with training and testing (or to do so myself when needed) as they work toward knots, badges, and training strips.
  3. Invest Squires, perform Knighting ceremonies, and award Rovers with knots, badges, and training strips.
  4. Assist Rovers in finding opportunities for service.
  5. Keep track of Rover progress and proficiencies via Troop Track.
  6. Send out regular Rover newsletter updates (via email or Troop Track) listing upcoming Crew events, listing recent knots, badges and training strips awarded, and welcoming new Rovers.
  7. Communicate with Rovers via surveys and/or individually to find out their needs and interests, in an effort to keep their interest active in the Crew.
  8. Keep the Crew page up to date via Facebook (or whatever the preferred method may be going forward).
  9. Interface with the GSM and other section leaders during Group Council Meetings and other multi-section events.
  10. Keep the 66th calendar up to date with Rover Crew events.
  11. Look for opportunities for Rover recruitment, such as: encouraging youth section parents to join, inviting Pathfinders to participate in Rover events with the hope of inspiring them to continue Scouting as adults, and to interface with any members of the general public who happen across Scouting events in a way that invites their interest.
  12. And, finally, to be a positive face representing the 66th Rover Crew—smiling and whistling when needed.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please send us an email at 66thconfluence@gmail.com. Thank you!

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Kingdom House Volunteer Day

Our August Day of Service is coming up this coming weekend! Please try to attend. On Saturday, August 26, from 9:00 a.m. until noon, 66th Confluence BPSA will be volunteering at Kingdom House, a wonderful local not-for-profit organization that helps the economically disadvantaged achieve economic independence, self-sufficiency and a path out of poverty. Our scouts and leaders will be organizing donations, gardening, grounds beautification, light cleaning, etc. We hope to see you there!

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Don’t Forget to Register!

Thanks to everyone who came out on a very (ahem) WARM day yesterday for our “Back-to-Scouting” Picnic at Tower Grove Park! Despite the heat, it was a great turnout and we’re all very excited about the upcoming year of scouting. For those who weren’t able to make it but still want to get signed up with us, the links to the online registration forms are posted below:

*Everyone* needs to complete the registration forms above, even if you registered with us last year. You can process your payment to us via PayPal to 66thconfluence@gmail.com or write a check made payable to 66th Confluence BPSA and give it to your section leader the next time you see them. Any questions or concerns should also be directed to the appropriate section leaders: Heather Fox for Otters, Ryan Stephenson for Timberwolves, David Mulcahy for Pathfinders, and Colin Suchland for Rovers. Thanks again, everyone!

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Back-To-Scouting Picnic!

66th Confluence BPSA invites all parents of current, registered scouts as well as others curious and interested in our coed, inclusive, traditional scouting group to attend this informational picnic in the park! Join us at the Humboldt North Pavilion. We’ll have a presentation on BPSA Scouting, provide news about our group, share plans for the upcoming year, and will have registration forms available for those wanting to sign up. Some food will be provided by the group, but we do encourage families to bring a side dish or dessert to share with everyone. Help us spread the word on Facebook by sharing our public event page about the picnic here. Thanks, and we hope to see you there!

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Looking forward to another year of scouting…


I wanted to take a moment to share with you all some exciting changes coming to the 66th Confluence BPSA this Fall. I hope you and your family will be as eager as I am to embrace these new ideas, which I truly believe will strengthen our scouting.

Your Rovers (adult uniformed leadership) met last week to plan the coming year, and at the meeting, we adopted a new strategy for our regular monthly interactions. We are calling the new method: Second Sunday Scouting. And here is the BIG IDEA: rather than individual sections meeting on different days and at different locations (often in an urban setting) the 66th will meet on a Sunday afternoon once a month a regional park, conservation area or other “wild” venue. This will help consolidate leadership, promote fellowship among scouts and their families, and facilitate getting us out into nature more often. (Yay!)

Second Sunday Scouting will be an afternoon affair, typically lasting 2–3 hours (not including travel time). We have pre-selected locations for the meetings for the entire 2017–18 school year, and they all are an hour or less outside of St. Louis. Every meeting will have an opening ceremony, and then the age-grouped sections will work independently on their scouting, as well as looking for ways to collaborate on larger activities. There may be opportunities for hiking/biking/fishing/canoeing as a group or by sections after the regular meeting is concluded, all supervised by each section’s Rovers. As all sections will meet on the same day from now on, we can consolidate our resources and also bring in guest speakers/presenters as desired.

All in all, I am thrilled with this new direction and as your Group Scoutmaster, it is my job to see it through. But we will need the support of our scout families to make this a reality. In particular, we need parent volunteers to serve on our Auxiliary. This group helps plan outings, fund raises and manages the group’s books. Please email Jeff Kopp if you can serve a year on the Auxiliary. We also always welcome parents who would like to join the “nature nerds” we call Rovers. The uniformed adult leadership role is central to our success as an organization. See me or any other uniformed leader about joining the Hellbenders Rover Crew.

One final note, Second Sunday Scouting will begin on September 10th, but we have the annual Parent Meeting set for the evening of August 20th at Tower Grove Park. We are just waiting to confirm a time and a pavilion. We’ll have some food for all and some scouting activities for the youth. I hope to see you there, and think about bringing a friend or neighbor.

Onward 66th!

Yours in Scouting,
Colin E. Suchland
Group Scoutmaster (GSM)
66th Confluence – BPSA
Traditional Scouting for Everyone!
Saint Louis, Missouri

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Annual Confluence Trash Bash!

66th Confluence BPSA is proud to participate in this annual clean-up of the Confluence area of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. This is a group-wide event; all are welcome! We will be teaming up with Missouri River Relief who will take us by boat to areas that need attention along the riverbanks. All volunteers get a free breakfast, entertainment and camaraderie, and the good feeling that goes along with taking care of the environment! For additional event details and to register, visit the Greenway Network website by clicking here.

Address: Missouri River Relief Boat Ride, 10950 Riverview Drive, 63137

See you bright and early Saturday morning!

Some photos from previous events:

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The Pathfinders are Camping!

The Pathfinders are camping at Cuivre River State Park.

The camp out is April 7 – 9, and will include hiking, First Aid, and cooking.

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