The 66th Confluence is meeting tonight in Tower Grove Park for an informational meeting for new and old families. We are also having a picnic, so bring some food to share! For more information, email us!

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Otters singing at the St. Louis Altenheim

Otters will be honoring our our lost and fallen with the veterans who are still with us for Memorial Day and singing military songs at the St. Louis Altenheim at 5pm on Saturday. We are singing songs for the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard.

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Getting ready to camp out! Otters, Timberwolves and Pathfinders are heading out to camp next weekend, June 5-7th. This is our biannual family campout, so parents and siblings are welcome to come along.

Everyone get geared up and make sure you go through the checklist of what to bring! Let us know if you need to borrow any gear.

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Great job to all the scouts who came out to plant trees today!

Everyone worked very hard. KWMU came out to interview the group at City Garden and I think Channel Nine visited the group at Mallinkrodt.
Super service project, everyone!


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Otter Schedule – October

Man, we could not have asked for a more perfect weekend with the weather. The Otters were totally awesome working together, taking responsibility, working with their “patrols” and doing their designated jobs. I was so proud of all of them. (Now if we could all just get them to be such eager little beavers/otters at home, right??)

We also made sit-upons, went fishing and enjoyed a short hike and nature/scavenger hunt. We had 2 Otters “swim up” to Timberwolves around the campfire, sang some silly camp songs and of course, roasted marshmallows.


  1. Planting trees – We are still planning on planting trees this weekend as part of this project at City Garden Montessori, Sunday, 10/5 at 3pm. [Edit: we’ve added a 2nd and 3rd site. At 1pm, the TW will be planting at Mallinckrodt AGI and at 3pm, all sections will be planting at Cote Brilliante Community Garden. Both locations will have other garden work to do.] Bring gloves and shovels if you have them.
  2. October meeting – We will see you all at the October meeting on October 13th at 6:30pm!
  3. River Des Peres clean-up is happening on October 18th. Mark and I cannot go that day, but if Scott, Jeff or Maria are available, we can arrange for LOTS of Otters to help that day. That is a big project.
  4. Hike, TBD
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Timberwolf Schedule – October


What a fantastic campout! Perfect weather and the Timberwolves—old and new—worked so well in their temporary sixes. I am very proud of them. We had a full weekend with lots of hiking and fishing. I hope everyone recovered and thank you for all help from parent attendees!


I bring a bag of lost & found articles to every meeting. There are several new additions since the campout. Please check it for missing articles.

In addition, there are some items missing that didn’t make it to Lost & Found. If you came home with extra gear (primarily mess kit pieces), please bring it to the next meeting.


  1. Planting trees – We are planting trees as part of the Plant4Peace project. We will be planting trees at Mallinckrodt Academy, but we may find some other planting events to help at. I do not have many trees (only 10) but we may find some additional work to do at the garden. We will meet at 1pm on Sunday 10/5. [Edit: we’ve added a 2nd site. At 3pm, all sections will be planting at Cote Brilliante Community Garden. Both locations will have other garden work to do. Bring gloves and shovels if you have them.]
  2. October meeting – We will see you all at the October meeting on October 13th!
  3. Additional Service Project – Give the Plant4Peace project is less involved than we were planning, we are considering adding the River Des Peres Trash Bash on Oct. 18th, 8am-1pm (includes lunch).
  4. Hike – October 25th, Time TBD, hike at Rockwood Range. We will carpool and also take the opportunity to work on some skills.


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Recruiting Rover Scouts!


I’m looking for adults (over the age of 18) who have a love of the outdoors—hiking/backpacking, camping, canoeing, fishing, exploring, etc.—as well as a love for providing community service—volunteering with environmental groups, nonprofits, food pantries, homeless shelters, trash cleanups, and so on–to join my Rover Crew of the 66th Confluence Scout Group.

That’s right… I’m looking for adults who’d like to be Scouts! Rover Scouts! 66th Confluence is a local chapter of the Baden-Powell Service Association, and we’re trying to grow our Rover Crew (the adult scouting section) by recruiting folks who have a strong attraction to the outdoors and community service. My name is Jeff Kopp and I am the Rover Scout Leader. I’m 49 years old, married with two kids… And I LOVE nature! The natural world, environmental stewardship, camping, hiking… you name it. I also love helping people in my community; putting service before self.

Does this sound like you? Then you should consider joining me and my Rover Crew, the Hellbenders, as we go on regular outings and join up with other local nonprofits such as the Sierra Club, Missouri River Relief, the St. Louis Audubon Society, Zombie Squad, Gateway Greening, Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, World Bird Sanctuary, AmeriCorps St. Louis, Brightside St. Louis, and more!

To find out more about us, please click here.

And feel free to comment below or use the contact form to get in touch if interested. Thanks!

Yours in Traditional Scouting,
Jeff Kopp
66th Confluence BPSA Rover Scout Leader

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September Events

We have 2 all-section events this month: Prairie Days and the Fall Family Campout. If you are not receiving the appropriate emails, please notify us.

Prairie Days at Shaw Nature Reserve (9am-5pm):

Our group is sponsoring a booth at Prairie Day at the Shaw Nature Reserve on September 20th. The Timberwolves and Pathfinders will be doing cooking demonstrations using “pioneer-type” recipes and cooking methods and Otters will be demonstrating some pioneer games. We would like to have you sign up for a 2-hour slot to be at Prairie Day for your scout(s) to help with the demonstrations. Please respond to the RSVP email.

Scouts should wear their uniforms, particularly their neckers, and bring a full, labeled water bottler.

Fall Family Campout

This is a Family Campout. Everyone is welcome for both nights. Timberwolves & Pathfinders will sleep in Scout tents and Otters will have the option of sleeping in Otter tents or with their parents. 

It is imperative that you RSPV if you plan to attend the camp-out so that we can purchase enough food for everyone. The cost for the camp-out includes all food and cost for campsite. Families must bring their own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bags, mess kits, etc.). We will have tents for Timberwolves and Pathfinders. We will also have cooking equipment, etc.

Below are links to the basic info packet and packing list. We *strongly* recommend that scouts pack their own bags (with necessary supervision) so they know what they have and where it is as adults are not allowed in scout tents.


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Meetings Next Week and Registration

Dear Parents,

There have been many questions pertaining to registration for BPSA 66th Confluence for the fall. For those who attended our informational meeting last week, please come to our first official scout meetings next week.

Monday, September 8, at First Unitarian Church
Otters (ages 5-7 or thru 2nd grade) 6:30pm
Timberwolves (ages 8-11) 7:00pm

Wednesday, September 10, at Jessica’s House
Pathfinders (ages 12-18) at 7:00pm

If you have already received registration forms, you may bring them to the meeting with your dues. You can also download this form here, print, fill it out, and bring it in. If you would like to attend and just “check us out,” you are welcome to bring your child to attend our meetings. You are also welcome to attend our family campout before you officially register or pay dues. We would only require that you fill out our liability form and pay the fees for camping costs.

We would like to complete all fall registration (forms and dues) at our meeting in October. For Timberwolves and Otters, this would be October 13.

If you have more questions, feel free to respond to this email or come to the meeting with your questions.

We hope to see you all next week!

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New Year for the 66th Confluence!

Welcome (back) Scouts & Parents!

Here is an overview of the coming year:

Mandatory Parent Info & Planning Meeting

August 25, 6:30PM
First Unitarian Church

We will cover all the basics, policies, and aims, ways to support the group, field questions, and get everyone registered. We request that all parents, even returning ones, to please attend. Children are welcome and returning Otters and Timberwolves are going to be wrapping up last year.

First meeting of the year for Otters & Timberwolves

September 8,
6:30pm for Otters
7:00pm for Timberwolves
First Unitarian Church

Prairie Day at Shaw Nature Reserve

September 20

More details to follow. All sections will be involved in cooking and other demonstrations.

Family Campout

September 26-28

Your whole family is welcome. Timberwolves and Pathfinders will sleep in scout tents. Otters can sleep either with parents or in a tent with other Otters. More information to come, including RSVP for final headcount and food planning.

Monthly Meetings for Otters & Timberwolves

2nd Monday of each month at 6:30pm for Otters, 7:00pm for Timberwolves at First Unitarian Church.

Pathfinders will continue to meet twice per month at Jessica’s house.

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