Otter Raft


“Busy and Bright”

BPSA’s Otter program is the youngest section of BPSA-US, for boys and girls 5 to 7 years of age (preferably K–2nd grade). Otters learn useful outdoor and family skills, community skills, and learn to play safely together while being introduced to scouting and preparing for the Timberwolf program. The Otter section is known as a “Raft” and is divided into “Dens” made up of 6–8 children each.

Otter Resources:

We currently have a pretty large group of Otters and may need to divide them into two separate Rafts soon (more adult leadership is needed first, though). Our Raft Leaders are Lenore Borisova and Kevin CrokeHeather & Christian Fox serve as a non-uniformed Parent Volunteers.

Raft meetings will be held in conjunction with the All-Group Meetings the second Sunday of every month from September through May. See our Group Calendar for exact dates and location details.

Otter Uniform:

  • Hat: Red baseball-style cap with the Otter Badge centered on the front (available from BPSA QM Store)
  • Shirt: Red long-sleeve jersey tee (no collar), sleeves rolled up or down (available from BPSA QM Store)
  • Pants: Either long, cargo-style pants or shorts of an approved color: dark blue, khaki, brown, green, or gray (jeans are discouraged in scouting)
  • Necker: of the group’s colors, worn with a ring or slide at the throat (available from your section leader)
  • Socks: any plain color (preferably not white)
  • Shoes: sturdy shoes suitable for the outdoors in brown or black, preferably

We recognize that families may not be able to invest in a full uniform immediately but encourage scouts to add to their uniform over time.

CLICK HERE to register your son or daughter as a BPSA Otter Scout today!