Rover Scout Leader Needed!

66th Confluence BPSA has an immediate opening for a Rover Scout Leader (RSL) to lead our Rover Crew! All of our group’s current Rovers are currently already involved with section leadership in one of our youth sections or with the Auxiliary Committee. What we are looking for is an adult with an interest in Traditional Scouting and leading our other Rovers on outdoor adventures and service opportunities. This person does not have to be currently involved with our scout group as a parent, guardian or any other relative.

Responsibilities of an RSL include:

  1. Plan, organize, and schedule monthly Rover Crew meetings.
  2. Assist Rovers with finding a Rover mentor to assist with training and testing (or to do so myself when needed) as they work toward knots, badges, and training strips.
  3. Invest Squires, perform Knighting ceremonies, and award Rovers with knots, badges, and training strips.
  4. Assist Rovers in finding opportunities for service.
  5. Keep track of Rover progress and proficiencies via Troop Track.
  6. Send out regular Rover newsletter updates (via email or Troop Track) listing upcoming Crew events, listing recent knots, badges and training strips awarded, and welcoming new Rovers.
  7. Communicate with Rovers via surveys and/or individually to find out their needs and interests, in an effort to keep their interest active in the Crew.
  8. Keep the Crew page up to date via Facebook (or whatever the preferred method may be going forward).
  9. Interface with the GSM and other section leaders during Group Council Meetings and other multi-section events.
  10. Keep the 66th calendar up to date with Rover Crew events.
  11. Look for opportunities for Rover recruitment, such as: encouraging youth section parents to join, inviting Pathfinders to participate in Rover events with the hope of inspiring them to continue Scouting as adults, and to interface with any members of the general public who happen across Scouting events in a way that invites their interest.
  12. And, finally, to be a positive face representing the 66th Rover Crew—smiling and whistling when needed.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please send us an email at Thank you!


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Group Auxiliary Chair and Rover Knight. BPSA Midwest Regional Commissioner.
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