Volunteers Needed to Fill Group Auxiliary Positions

66th Confluence BPSA is currently looking for three or four adults to volunteer for our Group Auxiliary that meets for about an hour once a month during the scouting year.

The function of the auxiliary is to support the scouting program by managing many of the business, fundraising, and logistics functions needed to support a successful group. Without an auxiliary, our volunteer scout leaders have to do these things AND deliver the scouting program through meetings, outings, etc. Auxiliary Committees are typically made up of parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, or other community members who want to support the group but are not inclined, or don’t have the time, to uniform up and be a Rover Scout/section leader. Sometimes Auxiliary members will be uniformed Rovers who choose to contribute business or organizational talents rather than become scout leaders. Our Group Scoutmaster appoints the Auxiliary Chair and other positions and works closely with them to coordinate activities and program needs. Although it’s impossible to appoint people for these roles if we have no volunteers for them.

That’s where YOU come in.

Click here to read full descriptions of responsibilities for each role and please consider filling a seat on the Auxiliary. We really could use your assistance.

Thank you,
Jeff Kopp
Group Auxiliary Chair
66th Confluence BPSA


About Jeff

Group Auxiliary Chair and Rover Knight. BPSA Midwest Regional Commissioner.
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